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Kudos for Tutoring By Toni, Inc.!

​​"As the former Dean of the Lighthouse Point Academy Program, at North Broward Preparatory School – I highly recommend Toni, to help your sons and daughters with their academic issues. Toni does amazing work with students who are struggling in school, need to be home schooled or simply need confidence building in a particular subject area. I have made many referrals to Toni and in every case the student was able to have their individual needs met successfully."

~Polly Peterson, PhD, Head of School, 
Chase Collegiate School, Waterbury, CT

(Former Dean of LPA, at North Broward Preparatory School)

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Kudos for Tutoring By Toni, Inc.!

I am ever so touched, by the kindness and graciousness of parents and students, who I have tutored or home schooled, over the many years that I am teaching.  It is with honor, that I share these beautiful words, which continue to warm my heart and remind me, why I do what I do. To teach is to touch a life.

As the plaque on my wall reads, “Many years from now…it will not matter what my earthly possessions were.  What will really matter is that I was important in the life of a child.”​