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Kudos for Tutoring By Toni, Inc.!

"Toni, Years may have gone by, but I want you to know that I often think of you.  When my two children needed help, you were there.  By the time they were in 1st grade, both had different issues with reading.  Whether it was phonics or just confidence, you knew what to do.  Besides giving them a comfortable environment to learn in, you helped them study their weekly words and homework, and gave them individualized lessons that they weren’t getting, in school. You were both structured and flexible, during each session, accepting their mood changes, but not accepting disrespect.

You once came with me to a teacher conference, for my son.  When you heard the reading coach and guidance counselor would be there, with the teacher, you asked to come along.  Instead of an ‘us against them’ conference, you connected with the teacher and showed her we’re all there to help RJ.

Although the kids were young when you worked with them, we all remember you (and your frogs), with great appreciation.  Thank you, Toni, for coming into our lives."

~Mrs. L., Mother of Kristyn and RJ, 1st Grade

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