Kudos for Tutoring By Toni, Inc.!

"T. Herzberg, only one word comes to mind when I think of her, 'Star'. She is a Star when it comes to teaching. Not only can she help you read, write and solve math problems, but Toni is amazing at getting you ready for the world.  Just a little over 14 years ago, I went to her for learning help. On top of that, Toni got me ready for the real world, not because she was doing her job, because she cares. Toni Hertzberg is one of the Stars in my life, who helped mold me to the successful young man I am today. At 27, I work for a theatre company and truly enjoy every minute of it. It is not that I have a job that makes Toni outstanding, it’s how she worked with me and cared about what I wanted out of life. Because of Toni, I am now working for the Stage Door Theatre. It’s not just a job, but it’s my ‘Dream Job’, my love, my passion. Every time I walk into work, I think of Toni and all of her kind words and the extra hours she put in, to help me get here.  Toni not only helped me get to read, write and solve math problems, but she helped guide me, in the path of passion. Toni Hertzberg is more than a teacher. She is a Star, my Star out of life. Thank you so, so much, for all you have done for me. Because of you, I am a successful man." 

JMG xo, 

-John-Michael G., Home school student, Grades 7-12

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Kudos for Tutoring By Toni, Inc.!

"My name is David and I am 19 years old. When I was in 10th grade, I was having troubles in school and Toni was recommended, to help me out. I had come across tutors before, but none have come close to impacting my life, to the extent she has.  Toni is more than just a tutor, but a true friend and a guide through a time of life, which is not always the easiest. Both my younger sister and I have gone to Toni, in times of need, and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have since graduated high school and become a full time student, at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, in NYC, but I remain in contact with her, to this day. Toni is a joy and a pleasure to have in my life and I recommend her with greatest of enthusiasm, for your tutoring needs."

~David H., Student, 10th Grade