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‘Mantha Bear was my hero, a true soldier. My students loved holding her.  ‘Mantha was very sweet, loving and always wanted to cuddle. I have wonderful memories of playful times, long walks, how she jumped up to greet me, at the door and all of the barking conversations we had. 

You will see by the evolution of the pictures, how ‘Mantha changed. To all of you animal lovers, embrace each moment with joy and love in the heart. Oh, how we love our pets, as they become part of the family and live in our hearts forever. She brought me so many years of joy, companionship and love. This page is my way of honoring ‘Mantha Bear. I will always miss her!

‘Mantha Bear

(AKA Boo Bear)

Nov. 22, 1992 –

July 26th, 2010

This special page is dedicated to my sweet, little angel, Samantha Bear.  She was my Yorkshire Terrier, who lived to 17 and 8 months old.  ‘Mantha was a beautiful gift to me and the only dog I ever had.

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