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Kudos for Tutoring By Toni, Inc.!

"There once was a teacher who loved frogs
She was given to long monologues
She was smart, she was cool
She was nobody’s fool
And she wore the most unusual togs.

Why such an interest in frogs?
Why such long monologues?
P’raps she’s waiting this long
For Prince or his song
Or maybe for Hobbits and Wogs.

To her we owe quite a debt
We salute her and her name we do fete
She is Toni our friend
Loyal and true to the end
A pleasure is each tête-à-tête.

Now we have no idea, it’s true
If our Math marks we shall ultimately rue
But she tried O so hard
She pulled out every card
So it’s finally all up to you…I mean me.

So THANK YOU and I know it’ll go far
You’ve taught me, I can be a real star
Just by doing my best
That’s the real test!

L’hitraot and good luck!"

~Elazar and Rabbi F., Student and Grandfather, 9th Grade

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