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Kudos for Tutoring By Toni, Inc.!

"My daughter worked with Toni over the course of three years (Grades 4-6).  Toni was instrumental in helping my daughter develop good study habits.  But just as important, Toni helped my daughter achieve confidence in her own abilities. Toni is a unique personality who cares deeply about what she does, and she had a positive impact on my daughter’s academic and social progress." 

~Mr. A., Father of Ally, Grades 4-6

Toni consistently encouraged me and motivated me to keep going. She didn't just teach me how to organize myself...she actually helped me organize my notebooks. I specifically remember a few sessions (over the years), when my ADHD would get out of control and Toni was able to pick up on those cues immediately. She would turn the tables on those days and ask me to teach her something new I learned, or even just allow me to sit on the floor with her and talk about anything, until I was able to refocus."

~Trish D., HS and College student

Kudos for Tutoring By Toni, Inc.!

​"As a high school and college student challenged by ADHD, Toni was my tutor on and off, for a few years in various subjects, that I simply couldn't grasp. She perfected the art of breaking a subject down in such a way that made it impossible for me NOT to understand.  Toni helped me to write well thought out essays, comprehend various works of literature and guided me through the process of figuring out mathematical problems. I had seen other tutors in the past, but it wasn't until Toni's approach, that I actually understood HOW to solve problems, and write more comprehensive essays. Her main concern was not that I achieved the correct answer, but rather in my ability to grasp the concept of how I arrived at the correct answer.